Killing Floor - Lee Child This was a freebie from, and because of this I admit I was pleasantly surprised at both the high quality of the story and the narration. My first experience with Lee Child and his wildly popular Jack Reacher series, and I have to say this was a very exciting and suspenseful mystery.

Sections of the novel may feel really slow at times, but I think this is simply the author's way of luring you into a sense of false security. Usually this is when he reveals key clues or hints as to what's to come. This might make this book appealing to fans of crime fiction or hard-boiled detective mysteries.

The only problem is, the main character is sometimes too keen, too perceptive. At several critical moments in the book, he would seemingly take huge leaps to figure out a problem and yet just so happens will succeed in coming up with the solution. I get that he is supposed to be a very accomplished detective (and the author goes to great lengths to establish this early on in the novel), but some parts just make me shake my head and think, I just don't buy it.

But if that kind of thing is okay for you or if you're able and willing to suspend your disbelief, you'll probably find this book enjoyable.