Mass Effect: Revelation - Drew Karpyshyn I'm starting to really like Drew Karpyshyn. After reading his first Star Wars: Darth Bane book and now this, I'm convinced this is a guy who can write a concise novel without rushing the story.

Revelation was a pretty short book, yet I was surprised at how much I was able to get out of it. There was some strong character building, great action sequences, and even some background information into the technology and inhabitants of the Mass Effect World.

Like most novels in the video game tie-in genre, there were a few forced plot points that you just kinda have to make yourself go with. Despite that, I thought this was a great book, especially for lorehounds like myself, and it was a pleasure to read a game book that doesn't follow the typical "bunch of adventurers go on a quest" pattern. If you're interested in the story from the first Mass Effect game about how Anderson *almost* became a Spectre, Revelation has all the details.