The Good That Men Do - Michael A. Martin, Andy Mangels I'd never read a Star Trek novel before this (that is, if you don't count the Star Trek Online book) and I'm glad I chose this one for my first taste. I quite liked Enterprise, even though by the time I actually got to watching the series it had already been canceled for several years. That might have affected the way I viewed the events in the series finale, in the cool manner with which one accepts anything that happens on a doomed show.

However, I knew a lot of other people were upset with the way things ended, and I didn't have to read long to realize that this book is here to right those wrongs. In other words, it's pretty much a big eff you to the series finale.

I'm glad for the new direction, even though I'm not sure I felt too strongly about what had happened to Trip on the show in the first place. I can't say he was my favorite character, but call me a hopeless romantic, I never got enough of his relationship with T'Pol. This book was okay, but I think my favorite part about it was the closure it brought to the love between those two.