Fool Moon - Jim Butcher Dresden Files #1 Storm Front was a strong start, so I was very much looking forward to this one, but it just didn't quite grab me. This was a relatively short novel, but since it didn't hold me, I kept being distracted and putting it down. As a result, it took me much too long to finish this.

The story was good, but something still felt missing. It almost felt to me like Jim Butcher wanted to tell a werewolf story, but didn't have all the pieces quite together before he went and tackled writing this novel. It simply lacked the "oomph" I'd experienced from the first book, and what I'd expected from this book.

Still, I wouldn't say I was disappointed. Fool Moon just felt...average. It's not stopping me from continuing with the series, however. I'm reading the third book now and it has already sunk its hooks into me.