Wolfsangel - M.D. Lachlan This was not at all what I expected from a fantasy "werewolf" novel. But one of the reasons why I did pick it up was for the mythology and its Viking/Norse setting, and knowing that it was going to have a dark and brutal story. None of that teen paranormal romance stuff for me, thanks!

Wolfsangel begins with a Viking raid on a small village, the leader a king who has seen in a prophecy that he was to kidnap a child to be his heir. But what he finds is not one but two infants -- twin boys whose origins and fates are entwined with the gods. Vali grows up as a Viking prince, while his twin Feileg is raised in the wilds with wolves to be the protector of a witch. Years later, the abduction of a simple farmer's daughter is the link between them that draws them together in this tale of savage adventure.

It was really difficult for me to rate this book. At first, I was taken with the story. It's easy to be drawn in right away, especially given the style of the writing which I felt was perfect for the novel's theme and background. I loved the Norse mythology and fantasy elements, as well as the imagery the writing invoked. The plot started in a pretty straightforward way, which I didn't have a problem with.

However, the further I got, the more lost I became. The author does have a way with words, but towards the end I felt all of it was getting needlessly confusing and complicated. All the subplots and characters that I had felt had supported each other so well near the beginning began unraveling, which made everything feel less coherent, more random and difficult to follow.

In sum - great opening and set up, but unfortunately starts losing its steam as it goes on.