Among Thieves - Douglas Hulick Not bad for a debut fantasy novel! All in all, I was glad I picked this up at a time I was looking for a new author to read and was particularly interested in delving more into the "thieves" fantasy sub-category. However, I choose to give this book 3.5 stars, namely because of several factors:

1. Narration in the first person perspective. Sometimes this works great; sometimes it doesn't. In the case of Among Thieves, I think the decision to use it was perhaps a tad ambitious. We as the readers only see what Drothe sees, know what Drothe knows. Normally, I'd enjoy this; when I'm relying solely on a protagonist to give me the play-by-play, it also starts to make me feel like I'm living out his adventures with him. But it can also prove extremely awkward when it comes to the revealing of plot twists by the character.

2. Convoluted storyline. Too many things going on at once and too many characters to keep track of made this book very difficult to follow, especially in the beginning when catching and keeping your reader's attention is so crucial. Granted, all the numerous plot lines fall into place towards the end, but that still seems like a lot to ask of your readers, in my opinion.

3. Just a few other little minor observations I made while reading, such as awkward dialogue moments or writing techniques that leaped out of the page at me and reminded me that I was reading a book by a new author.

However, even without its polish, Among Thieves delivered a great story that was full of action and interesting twists and turns. At times, I even found myself wishing the book would slow down a little -- Douglas Hulick takes the idea of "something interesting must happen in every chapter" to the max.

If you asked me whether or not I will ever read something else in the future by this author, I would say most likely yes. As a fantasy author, I think Mr. Hulick has great potential. He has already shown that he can spin a good yarn; with more time and experience, I think he can deliver some amazing stories.