Bloody Bones - Laurell K. Hamilton Why do I seem to recall liking these Anita Blake books so much more years ago when I first started reading them? Have I simply matured and become exposed to better author and writers since then? Or is what people have been saying true, that there is a turning point in this series where everything starts going downhill, and yay for me, I've just reached it?

This was probably my least favorite book of the series so far, and such a shame, since the beginning of it held such promise. The more I read, however, the more nonsensical the story became. Half the book was filled with pointless posturing by a bunch of egotistical vampires with non-existent fashion sense, and of course with all the asinine dialogue that came along with it. Anita was almost just as bad. What the, suddenly she's this all powerful necromancer with master vampires from other places deferring to her? She used to be more interesting; now she's just another hackneyed character becoming dangerously underdeveloped.

My book buddies tell me not to hold my breath, but I still have an eagerness to see what this series has in store for me, so I'm going to keep reading. In any case, I've heard better things about the next few books. Apparently, the highlight of book 6 is that she finally sleeps with Jean Claude. Oh joy.