The Killing Dance - Laurell K. Hamilton Better than the last book, but not by a whole lot. It's a little difficult to watch characters I've previously loved start to unravel like this.

I'm not sure I like the person Anita is becoming. I've always known from the start that she was aggressive, confident, and strong-willed. I used to admire that about her in the first couple books of this series. More and more, however, I feel those qualities are getting away from her. They're no longer admirable; they're annoying. She's become obnoxious and arrogant, and I don't know why the men in her life put up with her.

Especially Richard. Poor Richard. Why he takes Anita's crap is beyond me. It felt a little surreal reading some parts of The Killing Dance, like watching a bunch of bickering children playing high school romance games, except of course the themes of this book are very mature. It's hard to even enjoy the story anymore, when so much of it is taken by this drama.

Well, at least the love scene was hot.