Death Troopers - Joe Schreiber God help me, but I liked this book. I didn't want to and didn't really think I would, but well, I did...and most likely because I didn't expect much from it in the first place.

When I first heard of a Star Wars book about zombies, I could only predict disastrous results. Zombies are fine and good, but I couldn't imagine their presence in my beloved Star Wars universe; it just didn't feel right. But I can't deny I was curious. I saw that Death Troopers was also a fairly short read, so I picked it up.

A whaddya know, a few chapters in and I actually started having fun. I mean, wookiee zombies? And there was that delightful surprise when a couple of old friends showed up...

Sure, there were lots of plot holes and things that didn't make any sense, but that was fine because this book was also everything its cover promised -- blood, gore, dismembered body parts, flesh eating Stormtroopers and Imperial zombies, children being put through the most horrible and terrifying situations, etc. I mean, you don't pick up a book like this and expect anything more. It delivered where it was supposed to, and that's what matters to me.

That said, it's probably pretty obvious, but this is not your family-friendly general-audience type of Star Wars book. A little kid would probably have nightmares after reading this.

Anyway, now I'm thinking about picking up Red Harvest, Schreiber's other zombie/Star Wars mash-up book that was released a few months ago...and trying not to feel dirty for it. These books belong in my closet of guilty pleasures for sure.