Mass Effect: Ascension - Drew Karpyshyn One thing I admire about Drew Karpyshyn and his books is his ability to make you sympathize with even the biggest jackwads. This is the guy who also wrote the Star Wars: Darth Bane books, and actually managed to make me cheer for that evil Sith Lord.

Same kinda deal here with the character of Paul Grayson -- a Cerberus agent, drug addict, and ruthless killer who follows the shady Illusive Man and follows all his crooked demands without question, including running dangerous experiments on his own daughter. So why the hell did I find myself rooting for him?

I liked this book; there is essentially no filler in these Mass Effect novels, just action and more action, the story constantly driving itself forward. Typical of a video game tie-in, but I find it much better written than many.