Mass Effect: Retribution - Drew Karpyshyn The third book in the Mass Effect series, and the first time I actually felt a twinge of disappointment. I felt the story was sloppier than the others, filled with plot points that jarred me out of my reading, distracting me from really getting into the book. It almost felt like the author was rushed.

Also for the first time, I started to get very irritated with Kahlee Sanders. Characters in the book even made it a point to remind her she's not the best judge of character, but seriously, how many more times must she fall for traps and enemy ploys?

I also didn't really buy her "relationship" with Paul Grayson (warning: spoilers for Mass Effect: Ascension); like, come on, they were practically enemies in the last book, up until the very, very end when Grayson finally has a change of heart and sees the error of his ways. Even then Kahlee was bringing him in as a prisoner when he zapped her unconscious with a stun gun to escape. But now they're all buddy buddy with a "special" relationship?