The Ten Thousand - Paul Kearney This is perhaps my first real taste into the sub-genre of "military fantasy" and I don't know, maybe it's just not for me. I realize the story is directly based on the historical events from Xenophon's Anabasis, so it's hard to really feel much suspense when you know what's going to happen already.

Still, even Kearney's own embellishments felt kind of predictable and slightly irksome, the one that stood out to me most being Jason's relationship with the Kufr woman, and his constant reiteration of how after the war, the two of them were going to settle down to a quiet life on a farm and raise their family in peace and quiet and happiness and everything is going to be just absolutely perfect, perfect I tell, seriously? You just knew something unfortunate was going to befall him before it's over, and I saw it coming a mile away along with Tiryn's revelation to Rictus at the end.

Maybe it wouldn't have felt so awkward if the characters and their relationships had been more developed, but it did feel like most of the effort was poured into the book's martial elements. I wish just as much could have been focused on the novel's fantasy aspects which was what made this book intriguing -- such as the mysterious armor pieces worn by the Cursebearers. That said, the battles and the descriptions of them were very well done; Paul Kearney does have a way with writing combat sequences.