Summer Knight - Jim Butcher There is something different about this book than the previous three in the series. It's interesting, because I've been told by more than a few Dresden Files fans that the novels just keep getting better and better, and that it starts really taking off around the third or fourth installment. Indeed, I think I've reached that turning point.

It's not that I found Summer Knight better written than the books that came before it, nor did I feel it had a better story, necessarily. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time reading this...but to be honest, its awesomeness couldn't have come about without the presence of the first three books. Everything that was built up in 1-3 finally culminates in number 4. You feel closer to Harry now that you know more about his life and his relationship, and Jim Butcher makes the most out of this by incorporating everything he'd built up so far into the plot for Summer Knight. There's drama, there's intrigue, there's humor, and there's action...a bit of everything and in just the perfect amount.