Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher Side Jobs reminded me why I don't usually do anthologies. Short stories generally aren't my preferred format, but also because I don't often find the stories coming across naturally. Many of the ones in this book were written to form around a theme, not to really further the characters or the overall story.

The exception of course is "Aftermath", which alone made reading this worth it. Take note that you should only read this story after Changes, since it takes place immediately after the book's events, and gives major spoilers.

Not only does "Aftermath" provide a little closure to the end of Changes, it still manages to push the story forward but at the same time also gives the reader insight into one of the more beloved characters of the Dresden Files universe. I didn't start off liking Karrin Murphy, but over the series she has become Harry's best friend and one of my favorite characters.

In a way, I felt "Aftermath" was a culmination of all that the books have established and built up of Harry and Murphy's complicated relationship. One of the best things about the story was being able to see Murphy put to use all that she had learned during her years of working with him.

I realize I am quickly becoming too focused only on one story in this review, but the truth is, most of the other stories were pretty bland and it was "Aftermath" that really stood out. It made me realize how much I enjoyed Murphy's "voice", and I was surprised how well Jim Butcher wrote the character from her point of view.

This is totally making me want a Murphy spinoff. How cool would it be if she took up one of the swords now during her suspension from the police force, fighting supernatural baddies in Chicago as an avenging angel-type heroine with her sidekick Sanya and her on-again-off-again love interest Kincaid? This story just writes itself!