Anvil Gate - Karen Traviss I'd been looking forward to reading the story of Anvil Gate ever since I played Gears of War 3 and especially after I finished reading the first two books. However, it just wasn't what I expected.

Following the pattern of the series, what happened at Anvil Gate is told via flashbacks, while in the present day humanity continues to struggle to survive. But unlike how I felt about Aspho Fields and Jacinto's Remnant, I had little to no interest in the flashback sequences. The story of Anvil Gate isn't bad, just that it was completely overshadowed by the much more exciting events that was happening in the present day. So often I just felt like skimming the sections with Anvil Gate just so I could get back to what was happening to our characters on Vectes, which I felt was more the "main story" in this novel.

But Karen Traviss continues to give good insight into the personalities of the main characters. This time, we get to learn more about Damon Baird who I didn't really care for while I was playing the game, but I grew to like him more because of this novel. However, I was disappointed that there wasn't more of my favorite character Sam Byrne, given how in her backstory she is from Anvil Gate, but I did get to find out more about her parents.