Ready Player One - Ernest Cline I was born in the mid-80s so I probably missed out on more than half of the movie/music/game etc. references in this book. Didn't matter, I still enjoyed the heck out of this. The story is rather simplistic, but once it got going i couldn't bring myself to stop reading.

I also loved how Ernest Cline described the relationships between the characters in the book. A lot of us online gamers can probably relate to the experience of making long-lasting friendships over the internet, the excitement and nervousness of meeting your online friends for the first time in real life but ending up connecting like you've known each other for years even though you've never met face-to-face until that moment, etc. I think he nailed that part perfectly.

A must-read for any MMO gamer, or anyone with a love for geek and pop culture of the 80s.