11/22/63 - Stephen King I wouldn't consider myself to be a huge Stephen King fan. Unlike my husband, who has read pretty much every single one of his books, I've only read a select handful. But out of those, most got favorable reviews from me.

So when my husband told me after reading 11/22/63 that this was probably one of the best books King has ever written (but still doesn't beat The Dark Tower, of course) I knew I had to check it out for myself.

At the time, I knew very little about the book, just that it was about a "what if" scenario, as in what if JFK had survived the assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald that fateful day in 1963. And that's it, that's all I really knew of the story's premise. Looking back, that was probably a good thing. The less you know about the story going in, the better the reading experience is going to be, I think.

That's why I'm not going to say much about the plot here, because so much of my enjoyment of the book had to do with wondering what's going to happen, where the story was going to take me next. Never have I been so tempted to flip to the back of the book or even skip down to the end of a page to find out what happens -- but of course, I refrained. I told myself the only way I was going to find out was if I kept reading. So I did. And that's how I finished this 850 page monster in a little more than 4 days. Sure, the book had its ups and downs and there were some slow sections that really could have been cut out or filed down, but I plowed on through anyway.

Perhaps the biggest surprise -- and the biggest treat -- for me was the love story in 11/22/63. You wouldn't think romance was Stephen King's forte, but wow, the depth of emotion and feeling he achieved here was very impressive. The last pages had me in tears. YES, A STEPHEN KING BOOK MADE ME CRY! But then again, unlike the novel's protagonist, even a touching commercial would make me tear up, so maybe don't read too much into it.