Ape House - Sara Gruen Like a lot of people, I read this book after reading "Water for Elephants". Unlike most of them though, I wasn't impressed with "Water" at all, but decided to read "Ape House" anyway because of the subject of the book. I studied primatology for my physical anthro degree in college, and bonobos were my favorite great apes. Like the author, I found their intelligence and their behavior fascinating, and when I read her blurb about how she fell in love with these animals, it really resonated with me.

My interest in bonobos did not help me like this book more, however. I debated giving it 2 stars before deciding to give it a 2.5 and rounded up. I felt the book suffered from the same issues I had with "Water for Elephants", in that Gruen started with an excellent premise that was full of potential -- but then totally crashes and burns when it comes to the execution. I can't help but feel sometimes that she writes like she lives in fantasy land, or expects that the reader does. Many of the story's scenarios are over-the-top, and the characters are often ridiculous caricatures and their descriptions silly and cartoon-like. My willing suspension of disbelief can only be pushed so far. This will probably be the last Sara Gruen book I'll read.