Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Maybe it's just me, but I didn't feel like anything really happened in this book. Mac is still nowhere near resolving things with her sister's murderer, or the evil book she's supposed to find. A baddie she thought she killed in the first book is back just so she can kill him again. She and Barrons are still doing the Kabuki dance when it comes to their relationship. The book ends pretty much like its predecessor, with him rescuing her from certain death and her passing out in the presence of the Sinsar Dubh.

While I thought not much progression in the story was made, that's not to say nothing happened. This might sound contradictory, but in truth I even felt a little overwhelmed at times with the introduction of a whole bunch of new characters (mostly villains) and new dangerous situations for Mac. The author probably knows this too, since we get to the point where there are pages and pages of commentary from our protagonist where she does nothing but recap and try to lay out for the reader just exactly what the hell is going on so it all makes sense. As a result, I found much of the narration to be very awkward. That, and I am really starting to dislike it when she goes on a tangent, sometimes at the most inappropriate times which completely disrupts the setting and atmosphere.

On the bight side, as a character, Mac has started evolving and becoming more developed. She's still flakey, but at least she's interesting.