Master of Crows - Grace Draven In truth, Master of Crows was pretty much guaranteed to get a high rating from me, given the fact it probably comes closest to the kind of book I'd been seeking for a long time -- that is, a romance that takes place in a fantasy setting along with mages, magic and all that good stuff. Better yet, there was a decent story and never once did we lose that fantasy element, not even amidst the lust and romance...which was HOT, by the way.

I loved this book, though it wasn't without its cheesy parts (but then again, I'm a firm believer that any good romance story must have its fair share of cheese). Speaking of which, I do wish the romantic aspect of the book hadn't been so "traditional". For example, in my opinion the hero-as-the-master and heroine-as-the-apprentice love story theme has been done to death. And while I liked Silhara of Neith, I was disappointed that he ended up not being so different from your typical, archetypal male love interest, i.e. the tall, dark, handsome, aloof, brooding, misunderstood and privately tortured lone wolf that I'm so very used to seeing in romance novels by now.

Still, I'm very impressed, especially since this book appears to be self-published by the indie author. That probably explains the typos and other errors in my Kindle version, and there was also an overuse of certain words and descriptions (the author seemed especially fond of describing characters smelling of male or female warmth) but they were minimal and did not detract from my enjoyment. Master of Crows could have benefited from a bit of editing, but other than that it was beautifully written and I'm glad I stumbled upon the Amazon forum where I initially found the recommendation.

Definitely check this out if you're a fan of the romance and fantasy genres, and would like to see both wrapped up and delivered in one neat little package.