Faefever - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 stars. Okay, so things are finally picking up and happening in this series, which is a good thing since my tepid response to the previous book was due to what I felt was lack of development in the story. In Faefever, we definitely have a turning point.

Mac's world is officially going to hell in a hand basket and I'll admit I'm hooked. I'm a little annoyed at the ending, however. Yes, the author is evil for cutting it off at such a cliffhanger, but I'll deal.

My problem is with how the book ended, and it's really hard to explain without giving away any spoilers. Basically, our heroine goes through something horrible, and while it's quite disturbing what happens to her, that's not what irks me about it either. The ending just didn't...fit. It felt cheap like it was thrown in at the last second for shock value, an easy, lazy excuse to find a reason to "progress" the character. I want to see Mac develop over the series, but not this way. The last chapter felt like it was over too quickly and came out of nowhere.