Old Man's War - John Scalzi 4.5 stars. My husband and I like to have discussions about books sometimes, and since I just started reading this the other night, we talked about John Scalzi and his works. Apparently, on the one hand my husband likes his books, but at the same time thinks they "wrap up too nicely" for his tastes. That is, he thinks they are without real trials and tribulations, and that they always seem to end with perfect outcomes, tied up neatly in a pretty little bow.

Okay, so he might be on to something. In this book, main protagonist John Perry goes through a lot in his career as an old man in a young, genetically enhanced body fighting a war against hostile aliens in space. Still, let's just say things generally end up pretty good for him by the final chapter. My husband has also read more Scalzi books than me, while the only other book I've read by him before this is Fuzzy Nation, and I guess that had a neat and tidy ending as well.

But dammit, I've come to the conclusion that that's what I LIKE about his books! I LIKE it when things end well for the protagonist. I LIKE warm, fuzzy happy endings.

Sure, sometimes I enjoy darker reads as well, and like the on-edge, suspenseful feeling I get whenever a story's ending or a character's fate is unclear. But that's not why I pick up a John Scalzi book. When I do, I do it to be entertained and to know that I'll be feeling good at the end.

And entertained I was, and feel good I do after reading this. Old Man's War did not disappoint, and my rating for this book is a reflection of my enjoyment. JS may not be the the science-fiction world's best writer or best storyteller, but he sure is funny. This book made me laugh out loud, and that typically never happens when I'm reading, even if I recognize something as humorous. But this book had me laughing big time. Hell, even when someone is dying a gruesome death, it's hilarious.