One Day - David Nicholls I'd seen the movie before reading this book so I knew what was going to happen, but geez, it's still a punch in the gut. Here's a story that follows two people on this one day each year for twenty years, so of course you can't help but get invested in the characters.

Mind you, neither Emma or Dexter are very likeable characters, at least not to me. For twenty years it's like they never grow up, still the same whiny, self absorbed and pretentious people year after year. So many times while I was reading, it was like wow, shut the hell up and get over yourselves!!! But I guess a part of me also liked that they are flawed people, and that was what made them feel so real.

As time passes, they deal with the kind of common problems that I suppose all people have to overcome as they go through life. In a way, this book is less a romance and more about a story of growing up for adults. It's interesting to see Dex and Em go through the different life stages and events from their early twenties to early forties, and that will make it easy for many people to relate. I'm sure a lot of the things they experience will resonate with other readers as they did with me.

Just a heads up though -- this is NOT a happy happy joy joy read. Do not pick this up if you're looking for a feel-good book, as this is definitely not the book you're looking for. In many ways One Day reminds me of stuff by Nicolas Sparks, being a tale of a great love and all, but with a heart-wrenching, depressing and tearjerking spin to it.