Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs Probably the best and my favorite book of the series so far. There are still a lot of things about this book that irks me but I've decided to sweep those concerns aside and just enjoy the story. For instance, I still chafe at the fact that Mercy always seems to be the lone female character surrounded by all these men with infuriating personalities, but fine, for now I'll accept that they're all werewolves and their baser instincts play into their possessiveness and serious control issues.

I guess there's also no way to talk about this without spoiling, but there is a rape at the end of this novel. As these things go, I thought that entire sequence was written as ably as it could have been done, but I'd just recently finished another urban fantasy series which put the female protagonist through pretty much the same thing. I just hope this won't become a trend when it comes to ways to evolve a character or develop character growth.