Burnt Offerings - Laurell K. Hamilton I very much wanted to give this one a fair chance, but I still couldn't bring myself to like it. It makes me a little sad because I remember enjoying the Anita Blake series so much when I was younger, but I do feel the quality of the books have started declining, probably about a book or two back.

This one was my least favorite so far. It did have its high points, but on the whole I just couldn't spot a cogent plot no matter how hard I looked. Random sequences seemed like they were thrown together, mixed in with some vampire politics and a healthy dose of drama from Anita's love life. And speaking of which, I too am noticing what a lot of reviewers have observed, which is the series' direction into more sexually charged waters. So much of it was unnecessary in this book. And what has LKH done to Richard?! She has turned him into a petulant, immature and jealous 13-year-old brat.

After reading this book, I also realized how wonderful it would be if GoodReads had a separate rating system for audiobooks. By itself, I think the novel would have gotten a 1 or 1.5 star rating from me. But the narrator for the audio version is amazing! She makes even the mediocre story engaging with her voice acting, and she's probably the only reason why I'm going to continue giving this series a chance. My county library has the next two books available in audio format to borrow.