Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card 3.5 to 4 stars. This review took a while, because I needed some time to get my thoughts together. This one was definitely a tough one for me to rate. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, but at the same time I'm pretty sure I liked it more than I should. Not really sure if I'm making any sense at all.

Perhaps it had to do with not knowing anything about this book before I picked it up, other than that it's widely popular and highly acclaimed...which was probably why I felt a little like the odd one out when I started reading and found that a lot about the book annoyed me. At times the writing and story felt really awkward and forced, like the author was trying too hard, with pretty much every point, symbol and device etc. spelled out for the reader as if they would not be savvy enough to pick it up for themselves. He is quite heavy-handed when it comes to the conveying of the book's ideas.

It was then I started looking around and saw that this book is considered by many to be more appropriate for young adults. In some ways, that makes a lot more sense. In the end, I had to look at this book a whole different way in order to rate it fairly.

Still, some parts of the book were better than others. The last 10%, for example, was so completely different to me than the rest of the novel that it almost felt like somebody else wrote it. It's almost as if Orson Scott Card had this amazing idea for this profound conclusion but had no clue how to tie it to the beginning, and so simply filled up the middle with a bunch of fights in battle rooms. Such shallow action is a stark contrast to the deeply thoughtful ending, which nonetheless I have to admit made up for my lukewarm reaction to everything else.