The White Queen - Philippa Gregory Well written, but boy can it be dry at times. Unfortunately, I felt that our main protagonist Elizabeth didn't seem to have much of a personality, and given everything in history that happened to her and her family, I was expecting a lot more feeling out of her character.

This is a good book, though I figure it's not like Philippa Gregory had to try all that hard to make it interesting. The history behind the War of the Roses/the Cousins War is full of conflict and plenty of drama even without the fictionalization, so the story practically tells itself. Historically, Elizabeth Woodville proved as fecund as her mother Jacquetta of Luxenbourg, so it's not a surprise that it felt like she spent much of the novel either becoming pregnant or giving birth. The book, as expected, deals a lot with her relationships with her children, especially her two sons Edward V and Richard who were known as the "princes in the tower."

Elizabeth's story is one filled with emotion, though I felt it could have been written a lot better. All the feelings she experienced in this novel, ranging from her jealousy over her royal husband's whoring ways to the deaths of her family members just felt so muted. I thought the depth of her character was sorely lacking, especially when compared to other books the author has written. For example, I felt that the quality of Elizabeth's character was nowhere near that of Mary in The Other Boleyn Girl, which I felt was a much better novel.

Still, I liked the inclusion of magic and myth in the telling of Elizabeth's tale; my favorite historical fiction novels all have a hint of fantasy. I liked that the author did not overdo it, adding enough just to make things more interesting. All in all, I really liked her take on the story, even if she did take some liberties with history and embellished events a little.

One final thought: I did have to brush up on my historical figures while reading this; if you pick this up I recommend doing the same, or keeping track of the number of people named Edward, Richard, or Elizabeth etc. will be confusing enough make your head spin.