Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn This was a departure from my usual genre (science fiction, fantasy, other types of speculative fiction, etc.) but I have to admit that my curiosity was piqued by the hype surrounding this book. Its synopsis, vague as it was, also interested me so that was why when my next Audible credit became available, I used it on the audiobook version of Gone Girl.

And now that I'm finished with it, I can finally understand why the all the plot summaries and reviews for this book have been so vague. It's going to be hard to describe what I liked and what I disliked without revealing any spoilers, so I doubt this review will make much sense to those who haven't read it. But I'll try my best.

The book opens with an introduction to a what appears to be an average couple, Nick and Amy. They have fallen upon some hard times in the recession, and were forced to move back to Nick's hometown in Missouri after both of them were laid off from their their jobs back in New York City. Like most couples they have their ups and downs, until one day Amy simply disappears from their home and deeper investigation reveals disturbing secrets as the layers are peeled back revealing the truth of their seemingly normal marriage.

The book begins by alternating between two points of view: Nick's narration which starts the day his wife goes missing, and Amy's part of the story which is told through diary entries starting from when the two of them first met.

Here's where my review will probably get confusing, because while I will talk about my feelings for this book I won't be able to really explain why without spoiling the story. Anyway, you will probably find that most reviewers will talk about this book referring to its three parts. The first part of this book, which deals with the circumstances behind Amy's disappearance, was incredibly addictive. You start to get to know the characters a bit more, form your opinions about them, and the way this part was written I was just riveted the entire time. Maybe this has something to do with the fact I listened to the audiobook, because the two narrators were absolutely fantastic.

The second part, however, while still good, was a bit disappointing. Here, the plot takes a turn, and basically I felt that the book lost a bit of its suspense. Some people adore this second part though, so really, it's a matter of taste and how you like your mystery stories. Regardless, this next part completely changed my perspective. You start to wonder just how reliable your narrators are, how deep the secrets really go, and just who is telling the truth.

The third and final part of the book took me through a whole bunch of emotions. Mostly, I was angry. Angry at the characters, angry at the story, angry at the ending. But taking the reader on a roller coaster ride of feelings was no doubt intentional, with the author wanting the reader to feel a certain way after reading this book, and she definitely had me. So maybe it didn't wrap up as neatly as it could have, with the ending being a bit unrealistic and the characters feeling a bit forced, but ultimately this was one hell of a fun read.