The Black Company - Glen Cook Maybe I'm just not that interested in the band-of-mercenary-men-fighting-a-war thing or maybe it was the writing style that just didn't do it for me, but I found it really difficult to get into this book.

Pros: I do like the intricate history and the background that the author has created; it's a well developed world with rich characters and lore. Cons: There just wasn't much in the plot to draw me in. The story was all right, and even had a few twists to keep things interesting, and yet I had to try really hard to care.

It's not that this book wasn't good, because I like it enough to give it a mediocre to okay rating -- hence the three stars. However, I just couldn't put my finger on anything about the story or the characters that would set it above other dark fantasy books of its type. Maybe I've screwed myself over here, because I've read so many titles in this genre over the last couple of years, my personal bar for quality is now set pretty high. The Black Company was all right, but then there's nothing too terribly memorable about it that would make me gush about this book, say, years down the road. I'll probably continue with this series, but only when I'm done with some of the more high-priority books on my to-read list.