The Ghost Brigades - John Scalzi Another fantastic read from John Scalzi. Initially, I was concerned that I wasn't going to like this book as much when I realized that the story followed another character other than John Perry, our protagonist and narrator from Old Man's War. I wasn't sure I was going to appreciate Jared Dirac or the third person perspective as much.

Thankfully, I was wrong and I shouldn't have worried. The Ghost Brigades was as fun to read and as enjoyable as the first book, if not even more so. The story was certainly more exciting and suspenseful.

I also liked the fact we got to know more about the character of Jane Sagan and the Special Forces. As well, there's a lot more detail on the biology and technology in this book, putting the "science" in science-fiction, so that was also one of the more interesting aspects of this second installment.

Scalzi is hilarious as always, but while this book gave me lots of laughs, there were also plenty of deep, emotional moments that made me stop and think, or pulled hard on my heartstrings.

Gave this book a high rating as I found it hard to stop reading, since I was enjoying myself so much. Lots of fun. It was exactly what I needed.