Hard Magic - Larry Correia This book is just way cool! It did take a while for me to get into it; for about the first 10% I was completely lost and figured I was going to have to force myself to finish. That said, the development of the story and the setting up of the world is on the heavy, extensive side especially in the beginning -- but patience pays off.

The reason behind all that build-up is simple: the Grimnoir Chronicles series takes place in probably one of the most awesome and unique fantasy worlds I've ever had the pleasure to come across in speculative fiction. It's got a little dash of everything -- hard-boiled/noir, alternate history, steampunk, sci-fiction, urban fantasy, magic and gangsters and superpowers and zeppelins and sky pirates and oh my. Throw all that into novel and you have Hard Magic, one hell of a fun read.

Larry Correia is probably better known for his Monster Hunter series, which I am enjoying as well, but his writing and his crazy amazing world building in this takes everything to a whole new level. I have a feeling Grimnoir Chronicles might not be as appealing to the mainstream, as it's themes are somewhat more esoteric and considerably less humorous and "goofy" than his MH books, but I'm definitely liking this series more.