Legion - Brandon Sanderson I can't believe I'm giving such a high rating to something that's listed here at a mere 88 pages. I'm not usually a fan of short stories because I love character and plot development, and often there's not enough for that to happen.

But I should have had faith in Sanderson; there's a reason why he's one of my favorite fantasy authors. I seriously love the stuff the guy comes up with, especially his unique magic systems and characters' fantasy powers. Legion is no exception.

To the outside world, our narrator Stephen Leeds appears to live by himself in a huge mansion, but that's a totally different reality from what he sees. His mental condition allows him to generate a variety of hallucinated people who share his space with him, and they are all unique with their individual personalities, skills and knowledge. They in turn advise and share their expertise with Leeds whenever he needs to know about certain topics.

For example, Leeds doesn't know Hebrew. But one of his hallucinations do. He calls her up and she will immediately act as a translator and language tutor. But of course, no one else but Leeds can see her! To everyone else, he appears to have mastered the language in a matter of minutes. It's like this with any other subject. This therefore makes Leeds seem like a genius, making every scientist and doctor in the world want to study him. The thing is, Leeds doesn't really understand it himself, and the book doesn't really explain. But his unique "power" makes him one hell of a detective/investigator.

Anyway, got this in audiobook format as a freebie through audible.com, and am so glad I did. I'd say I hope Sanderson might expand this story and concept one day, if I weren't already so looking forward to the next book of his Stormlight Archive series. Obviously, I'd want him to get on that one first!