The Mongoliad: Book Two (Foreworld, #2) - Neal Stephenson,  Erik Bear,  Greg Bear,  Joseph Brassey,  Nicole Galland,  Cooper Moo,  Mark Teppo,  Mike Grell Disappointed. It almost makes me not want to continue with Mongoliad anymore, because getting through this felt like a chore. But to be fair, I admit my problem had to do with Book Two's direction more than anything, and that's more a matter of personal taste. Book One was different, and Book Three may yet turn out to be more my cup of tea. You never know!

Either way, these books are always tough as hell to review, because of the multiple authors and their serialized nature. Bottom line: this one didn't live up to my expectations. I was much less interested in the story and the characters compared to Book One. Mostly I was just bored because the plot felt like filler, and characters I liked from the first book got very little attention this time around. Does this mean I'm being set up for something much greater in Book Three? Here's hoping.