Monster Hunter Vendetta - Larry Correia I actually enjoyed Vendetta more than the first book, maybe because I'm starting to get used to the characters and the style of the writing, but also mostly because in this second book the action has been dialed up and the stakes have been raised.

The Monster Hunter International books fall squarely in my "fluff" pile when it comes to reading, i.e. it's like junk food for your mind. You'll get plenty of cliches, humor, and pop culture references, the kind you would expect from this kind of urban fantasy. In other words, it's a fun ride. Fans of the Dresden Files will probably want to check this out too, though be forewarned that our protagonist and narrator Owen Zastava Pitt is a whole different kind of animal.

Despite my earlier comment about cliches, I have to hand it to Correia -- some of the main story elements might be predictable, but the guy has absolutely no qualms about doing anything he wants to his characters. This does lead to a bit of suspense because you can never predict what might happen to the main players.