One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost I had such high hopes for the Night Huntress series. The first book seemed to promise a heavy dose of romance but also the potential for plenty of good stories. This second installment, however, made me doubt my first impressions a little.

First of all, the characters seem to have changed on me. Granted, this book picks up four years after the last one, but somehow Cat has somehow transformed into a shallow stupid airhead in the interim. The sheer amount of lovesick pining and insecure jealousy she displays is astounding. When she's not busy being horny over Bones she's getting into petty cat fights with every woman who even bats an eye at him.

The story is also rather flimsy, I have to say. The book's priorities are pretty much loud and clear: 1) get Cat and Bones back together so they can start having lots of hot sex again, and 2) plot and everything else. It just feels like the elements of the story and some of the new characters were thrown in out of mere convenience, and certain twists were kind of forced upon the reader without any buildup, nor do they make much sense when you stop to consider it. But that's the thing, the book doesn't want you to think about these things, just shut up and go with it.

Not to say this was a complete train wreck; I mean, it had its rare moments and fine, admittedly the romance angle IS pretty hot. I just feel I need more from my urban fantasy though, especially since there's so much quality stuff out there I could be reading, series I could be finishing instead. I'll probably continue with these books only because I can borrow the audiobooks for free from my library's digital collection, but I'm definitely not looking forward to the next book as much.