Cold Days - Jim Butcher 3.5 stars. There's a reason why I think most urban fantasy books are short, light reads, and that's how I usually like them too. I was super excited to read this newest installment of the The Dresden Files series, was still really pumped for the first half of the book, but then admittedly lost quite a bit of steam after that.

Why? Let me first say that I don't think Cold Days is bad just because I didn't give it four or five stars even though I adore this series. I think part of it is due to being mentally fatigued. Honestly, I know Harry having way too much on his plate in each book is nothing new. He's always got a checklist of nigh impossible tasks to finish or goals to meet by the end of the book, and Cold Days does not disappoint there.

Thing is, this is probably one of the longer Dresden books and I really felt it kinda dragged on. It wouldn't be so bad if there had been more substance; but it was really just full of action. That's not necessarily a negative, but they say moderation is key, and ironically, the more action there was, the harder it was for me to stay interested, especially since all of it pretty much follows the same pattern -- Harry and pals go off to follow a lead, Harry and pals get ambushed/attacked by bad faeries, Harry and pals defeat said bad faeries but they escape, and then the cycle repeats itself for another two or three times. It's exhausting for the mind.

I also have to agree with one of my friends I talked to about this novel, about how since Cold Days is essentially Harry's "resurrection" book, he expected a lot more from the story and that it should have been more "emotional". It didn't occur to me until I was almost finished reading, that my friend was absolutely right. And maybe that was what I wanted when I said what I did about "substance". Harry bumps into his friends one after and other, and it's just like, "Oh hey, man, you're alive, cool beans." I kinda wanted more there, and I felt his reunion with Karrin Murphy was ESPECIALLY lacking, given the history between them and how things were left off, but it was just glossed over.

Speaking of which, I think Harry also needs to get laid. Like, seriously. For some reason, Butcher seems to love torturing his main character in the love department. The last time he was intimate in a meaningful way was almost a decade ago! No wonder he's chafing at the Winter Knight mantle. Not to reveal any spoilers or anything, but I was getting all excited and happy for him in that heartfelt scene after the final showdown and then...shot down. I mean, poor guy! Give him a break already.

In sum, not a bad book, but the squandered potential for some deeper and more meaningful moments for the sake of action in this book is what made it slightly disappointing. I LOVED the ending though, can't really say I saw it coming, but then again the Dresden Files has long been moving away from the "detective" and "mystery" aspect to more supernatural-anything-goes so it's hard to really predict any outcomes anymore. Part of me really misses Harry Dresden's humble detective roots, but because of what happened at the end of this book I'm also now looking forward to what the next installment will bring.