The Princess of Egypt Must Die - Stephanie Dray 3.5 stars. A short story for meant for young adults, and I mean, really really short. I was reading the Kindle version and thought I had more to go but the rest of the book turned out to be an excerpt for the author's novel Lily of the Nile (which I have read, by the way, and it is the book that made me a huge fan of Stephanie Dray. Simply amazing.)

The Princess of Egypt Must Die is pretty good for what it is and the audience it's meant for. It's not a very happy story though, but then I am fond of tragic romances and tales of forbidden love. The thing is, it ends very abruptly, so abruptly that I was shocked when I reached the end. A part of me wishes it had been longer, because I definitely wanted more. I think the story told here about Princess Asinoe and how she managed to get her revenge would have worked really well expanded as a full length novel.