Elantris - Brandon Sanderson I knew beforehand that Elantris was one of Brandon Sanderson's earlier novels, but didn't find out until recently that it was actually his first. It's left me more impressed, though after reading this I could also see the many ways he has grown as a writer.

Even then he was a master worldbuilder and creator of magic systems, and what's featured in Elantris is no less unique and imaginative. In fact, in many ways the details and descriptions of the magic are so well done that they overpower his characters.

This must be one of the weaker points in Sanderson's older works, because I felt much the same way about his first Mistborn book. Almost two years after reading The Final Empire, I can still remember all the ins-and-outs of allomancy, but I don't think I can tell you the main characters' names without looking them up. Compared to his magic systems, his characters always seemed a little lacking, though this must have started to change by the time he wrote The Way of Kings because that book was just brilliant.

Bringing this review back to Elantris, I have to say I enjoyed the story, but I really do think that and the magic system will be what stands out for most readers. In five years, remembering "Aons", or the means by which the Elantrians perform magic, probably won't be a problem for me. On the other hand, I don't know if I can say the same for the protagonists Raoden, Sarene and Hrathen. Not that they weren't well-written, but I have a feeling they will probably get lost amidst the sea of fantasy heroes and heroines in books I have read and/or books I will read over the years.