Immortal in Death (In Death, #3) - J.D. Robb This is one of my many go-to series when I want to fit a quick audiobook in between more serious reads, mostly because I have access to all the books for free and also because they're like junk food for the mind. I find they're entertaining enough, perfect for casual reading and when I don't feel like tackling anything heavier.

Story in this one didn't quite appeal to me as much as the first couple of books did, probably because I just don't find plots about illegal drugs as interesting when it comes to trashy romance/crime novels. Sex and political scandals, on the other hand? Hey, if I'm going to be reading this genre anyway.

As usual, Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb's propensity to change points-of-view randomly and often right in the middle of a scene continues to drive me bonkers.