Spellbound - Larry Correia The story in this book could have been an X-Men story arc, and I mean that in a good way.

I mentioned in my review for the first book in this series what I loved most about the Grimnoir Chronicles world, the fact that it's this unique blend of noir steampunk urban fantasy-sci-fi set in this alternate history of 1930s America. The Grimnoir are a secret society of magically empowered individuals, or "Actives", who exist to protect their own people against anti-magic violence as well as the "Normal" population against magical threats from more hostile and dangerous Actives.

Like X-Men, amirite? In fact, that's how I eventually came to think of the characters, as these dark superheroes, except their abilities are all derived from magic. "Heavies" can alter and manipulate gravity forces, "Torches" can control fire, "Travelers" are like teleporters, "Movers" have telekinetic abilities, etc. etc. etc.

In this book, anti-Active sentiment has reached an all time high and a government has initiated a push to have all Actives registered in order to keep tabs on them. Things get worse when an assassination attempt is pinned on Actives, and the Grimnoir become fugitives on the run. Meanwhile an insane government agent is rabidly trying to hunt them down, and if that's not enough Jake Sullivan also has to figure out how to put a stop to an otherworldly threat that would destroy the world if not stopped.

The series is just pure non-stop action and excitement, and it's getting better and better.