Cinder  - Marissa Meyer I doubt this would be a surprise to anyone, but the story was very predictable, especially the supposedly explosive revelation at the end which I'm sure any reader paying the least bit of attention would see coming a mile away. But since this is a fairytale retelling/sci-fi futuristic re-imagining of the classic Cinderella story, I can't really fault it for that.

In fact, I find the concept itself and the portrayal of Cinder as a cyborg living in a plague-ridden dystopian future is actually quite unique. It offers a different flavor from much of the stuff in the young adult genre these days.

Also, I have to say the fairytale aspect of the book excuses it for a lot of factors I usually find irritating in YA novels, such as high levels of emo, the heavy use of cliches, sickly sweet puppy-love romance by the boatload, or the fact the young characters are often so naive you just feel like throttling them and wondering to yourself if anyone can actually be so idiotic. Granted, this book wasn't nearly so bad with all of that, but given the whimsical nature and setting of the story, it even kinda works.