Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs I was surprised at how thin the main plot was, though I suspect I may have to start altering my expectations for the books in the rest of the series.

Seems the relationships between Mercy and Adam and his wolf pack is in reality the main focus of the entire series, while everything else that happens in each book is actually the side plot, the padding.

I think it finally hit me in this book when one of Mercy's good friends was kidnapped by the fae, and the first thing that happens isn't anyone trying to figure out how to rescue him, but instead all the characters drop what they're doing to deal with an internal pack challenge. I mean, a kid's life is on the line, can't we fight later? It's not the first time this sort of thing has happened in this series, but this one made an impression on me because I was surprised Mercy didn't even spare a single thought for her friend while she went along, especially when she was aware time is of the utmost essence when dealing with the faerie realm.

While I suppose pack business her love for Adam would come first, I do wish sometimes that urban fantasy writers would move past the old-fashioned and convoluted raging testosterone-driven aspect of alpha male werewolf politics. I think I'm starting to get a little irked by all the action and mystery constantly being interrupted by werewolf drama.