River Marked (Mercedes Thompson, #6) - Patricia Briggs LOVED THIS. Not only do we get a whole book without the rest of the pack business always getting in the way, the story in this is one I've been waiting to read for a long time.

Mercy and Adam get married at the beginning of River Marked, putting a definitive end to any and all love triangle drama, and even though the wedding scene was too understated for my tastes and over all too quickly, I was happy the story was moving along. The newly-wed couple embark on their honeymoon rustic style in a fae-borrowed trailer, but settling down to marital bliss will have to wait. In the depths of the Columbia River, an ancient evil has awakened and is killing innocent people. Mercy also encounters other walkers for the first time, people like her who can take the form of other animals.

I really liked that the plot of this book was relatively self-contained and focused; I know I've complained in the previous few books that vampire and pack politics always seem to get in the way to interrupt the flow of the story, but there was almost none of that here. And with the elements of mystery, it's the exact kind of urban fantasy I enjoy.

It was also high time that Mercy's own past was explored, answering many questions about her heritage and the father whom she never knew, the man from whom she inherited her special powers. Briggs' inclusion of Native American mythology in this tale also made a very interesting read. My favorite Mercy Thompson book by far.