The Dragon's Path - Daniel Abraham 3.5 stars. This book didn't really hook me until the last 20%. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it has a lot to do with the characters and my struggle to connect with any of them early in the book, and I'm still not really sure why I found it so difficult.

It could be the author's writing style; the book is structured into chapters where each one is told from a character's point of view, much like the Song of Ice and Fire books, but whereas I had no problems with connecting to the many characters of George R. R. Martin, I did with with Daniel Abraham's. Cithrin, Captain Marcus, Geder, etc. just simply failed to interest me right away, though granted, there were also quite a few names to familiarize myself with right off the bat, and along with being thrown into a world of many races, a rich history, and where there's a war going on, it might have been too much to take in all at once.

But after about three-quarters of the book, something happened. The story really took off and perhaps with the stakes raised, I finally started to sympathize and feel for these characters and actually cared about what would become of them. It definitely improved my feelings about the book, but by then it was a little too late for me to give this one a full four stars. However, I'm looking forward to giving the next installment a chance; now that I've finally gotten myself into the flow of the story, I suspect I might enjoy the second book a lot more.