The Blinding Knife - Brent Weeks It's fascinating to see an author's evolution and growth happen right in front of your eyes, and I think this is the case with my experience with Brent Weeks. I recently read his Night Angel trilogy, and while I enjoyed it well enough, there was a distinct "raw-ness" to the writing which I'd picked up on, something I find isn't all that uncommon in an author's early works. Well, it definitely wasn't there anymore by the time I got around to reading this latest book in the Lightbringer series, The Blinding Knife.

Weeks' style has become very refined and polished, especially when it comes to his characters and storytelling. Many of the quirks that used to bug me about his dialogue have simply disappeared, and as a result I eventually came around to letting characters like Kip and Gavin grow on me a lot more, compared to how I vehemently disliked them in the first book, The Black Prism.

It also helped that these characters' plot threads are more interesting now that the series is progressing nicely, though there are a couple character perspectives that I still didn't quite care for. This book was very long, and inevitably, I found certain parts dragged on unnecessarily, which needless to say dampened my enthusiasm for the book quite a bit.

Still, I have to say I enjoyed this more than the previous book, not the least because now that the details behind the color drafting magic system has been established, there's a lot less info dumping and bogging down the story with background information. Based on chromaturgy, the magic featured in these books is incredibly imaginative, but I also found it was also hard to picture luxin structures in my head without making it look absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully, I found that this book focused more on the properties of the luxin itself and less on the appearance, which made it much less distracting.

I'm probably not as excited about this series as I am about some others, but that doesn't mean I'm not liking these books or that I'm not curious to find out what will happen next. The way this is going, I think the series is getting better, so I'm definitely going to continue reading.