Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz Odd Thomas came highly recommended to me by many people, and which I found to be an interesting take on the "I see dead people" story. The eponymous protagonist is a 20-year-old short order cook whose unique ability to see and understand ghosts allows him to help the local police force solve crimes. Occasionally, he can even help prevent them before they happen. So when a mysterious visitor arrives in Pico Mundo trailing a pack of bodachs (wraith-like harbingers of death and destruction), Odd decides to investigate, and uncovers evidence that a terrible catastrophe is about to happen in his town.

I enjoyed this book, but also wished it gave me reason to like it more. There were many high points, such as the interesting cast of characters and the suspenseful themes which were nothing short of top-notch. And yet, there were also many areas in which I felt the book fell flat. I never managed to get truly engaged with the story, because every time things started heating up, they would slow down again or I felt the plot would suddenly veer off into another direction, thus negating any sort momentum. So often the narrative seemed to be building towards something, but then never quite gets there.

But I think the thing that bugged me the most was the ending, which I found very predictable. Still, being predictable alone wouldn't have bothered me so much, if Dean Koontz also didn't go to such great lengths throughout the entire book trying to convince me that "No, no, this isn't going to go the way you think, I promise!" and then essentially going "PSYCH! It WAS exactly what you think!" right at the very end. I found the storytelling very transparent and not very subtle at all. Still, like I said I enjoyed this well enough, and would be open to checking out the rest of the series.