The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson My reread of this series is finally complete. And it's weird, I remember liking this book a lot more when I first read it.

Maybe it's because I knew what to expect this time around, and only now did I realize how much of the book is a recap or explanation of what every character has been up in the year since the events of the second book. Things don't actually pick up and get more exciting until well halfway through the book.

It's strange how a second reading can be so different than the first, isn't it? I hardly ever do rereads, so the feeling still baffles me somewhat. Still, at least the last half of the book was as awesome as I remember it.

But, ugh! The ending! Now I remember why I was pissed off, and this time around I'm even more pissed off. Don't get me wrong, the conclusion in itself was a well-executed one, tied up nicely with all the shocking revelations. But it didn't leave me with a good feeling at all. Not even the hint of hope or happier times to come helped in that. It's just so hard to take when you've come to know the characters over the course of three books, and to have things end that way is just a punch in the gut.